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Dena & Lucy

Lucy Arrington, MBA, PMP
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My first experience in speaking before a crowd and realizing people were interested in what I had to say occurred while attending graduate school. I collaborated with a few classmates on a talk show for our final class project and I was the host. Throughout the years I found myself often being a source of guidance, coaching  and reasoning for many people.  I kept in contact  with  many of those people and they often reached out to me for my judgement on critical life decisions. In June of 2020, I had a revelation that it was now “ My Time to Speak” and Destination Loading WiTH Dena & Lucy was born. All of my life experiences educationally, personally, professionally  and spiritually have equipped me for this moment and movement of empowering others to reach their personal and professional Destinations. “Dena”, which means "Judgement" in Hebrew, is the seat that podcast guests and clients occupy when speaking with me, "Lucy" for real conversations, real strategies, and real solutions to “level up” in their life and careers. Using my personable, yet candid approach I provide timely insight and content, incorporating humor while 

Evolving You  From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be!

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